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Autor Tema: I'll look at phase one's preparations for Prop  (Leído 33 veces)

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On our website, p2pah, players can buy a variety of Wrath of the Lich King Services WoTLK Gold such as powerleveling, accounts, as also PvP as well as PvE Boost.

Phase 1 Gearing up for Prot Paladin WotLK Classic WotLK Classic WOTLK News

Hey everyone this morning, I'll look at phase one's preparations for Prop pallys and Wrath of the Lich King classic. I was able to check out the book many times on beta. This gives me a an idea of how will be covered in this phase. Keep in mindthat I'm always coming across new information and thinking of new ways to optimize things which is why I'll constantly alter these sets. Quick note, at the time of making this video, certain buffs [email protected] were not working properly and let you stack buffs which didn't stack. Make sure to be aware of what buffs you put in on ADA upgrade, so that you can get the correct number.

Commanding Shout as well as blood pact are currently stacked in game, but they're not supposed to. I'm guessing this will be addressed prior to the raids launch, but you'll never will know. The first set we're going explore is a pre-raider set. This set will differ from individual to individual based on how much gold or hero's emblems you're willing to invest and also how fortunate you are when it comes to drops and also how close to raid release you get. What I'm going to show you here is the fully BIST OUT version of the pre-raid base set, however, I don't expect most people will ever actually purchase this exact set.

I lost everything during beta testing on a pre-made pally with much less equipment than this one and no professions. It's clear that this set not required, but great to have if have gold or emblems to save. For reference the palette I tested in beta had 31 QHP raid buffed as well as some other options added to the wishlist of items so that you can hover over the desired slot buy WoTLK Classic Gold and select an alternative option if you don't wish to invest on emblems or gold or you happen to be lucky with drops.

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Yo si que te voy a dar Gold en toda la cara xD
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