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Autor Tema: DJ mix warping problems  (Leído 287 veces)

Registro: 11-07-18
« en: 13/07/18, 15:28:20 pm »


I'm trying to do some dj mixing in ableton and i keep having to change the warp mode to make the song play prpoerly, like it will stay on beat and warp properly, if i have the clips on beat mode, but this creates these glitches, quantization errors in the songs.....so then I switch to tones and the errors go away, but then the track speed goes faster, so what do I do here....in the preferences, loop/warp short samples, I have it set to warp one shot, this is the problem maybe? Autowarp long samples is turned on, and my default warp mode is set to beats....also, i have placed warp markers at the start of the first downbeat of each song...so the starts line up proper, but live is placing all these bad markers everywhere, and its cutting out the audio. All I want is for all my clips to be at the same tempo, and that the songs are not glitchy and broken up. ie. they should sound how I recorded them of course. not misssing bits
and btw im mixing in session view.

Please help.

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Registro: 19-11-18
« Responder #1 en: 19/11/18, 11:35:00 am »

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« Responder #2 en: 23/01/19, 08:07:15 am »

I don't really use it in this program.

Registro: 12-03-19
« Responder #3 en: 14/03/19, 04:32:20 am »

I want to be a DJ as well.
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